Sky Girls Soar Again as Season 2 ‘Paa-Born to Fly’ Takes Flight

SKy girls

Ladies, are you ready for a new chapter in storytelling? Look no further than the highly-anticipated Season 2 of the series “PAA – Born to Fly” by the SKY Girls Initiative.

After the success of season one, the social program SKY Girls Kenya is back with the hit teen mini-series starring an all-star Kenyan ensemble, that hit the ground running on January 7.

Sky Girls
Sky Girls Kenya

This empowering program, created for girls by girls, has already made waves with its first season, which was nominated for the Best Viewers Choice award at the Kalasha Film & TV Awards 2022. And now, it’s back and better than ever.

In this new season, you’ll follow the lives of a diverse group of teenage girls living in Nairobi as they navigate the everyday challenges of social pressure, sexual harassment, bullying, and self-identity crisis. But this season also delves deeper, tackling important issues such as HIV and debunking the myths surrounding it.

“We knew the girls of Kenya needed a Season 2; this time we get to know a different group of young adults in a different part of Nairobi. Everyone making this series has said the same thing in different ways: “I wish I had had Paa to watch when I was growing up,” Scriptwriter Davina Leonard told Switch Media.

“The people in PAA Season 2 have different stories and struggles but the heart of the initiative remains: Stay True To You, no matter how hard that can sometimes be.” Added Davina.

But the impact of “PAA – Born to Fly” extends beyond the screen. The SKY Girls Initiative is more than just a show, it’s a community that helps young girls make informed choices and follow their passions. From important topics such as smoking, early sexual experiences, or mental pressure, SKY helps girls say no to the things they know they’re good without, ultimately resulting in lasting positive behavioural transformation.

Svetlana Polikarpova, SKY Girls KE Program Director, emphasizes, “SKY Girls is an empowerment program for girls by girls. We co-create experiences and content that empower teen girls with the confidence they need to make the best choices for their lives.”

Don’t miss out on the powerful storytelling and meaningful messages of “PAA – Born to Fly” Season 2. Catch the show every Saturday and Sunday on the @SKYGIRLSKE YouTube channel.

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