Mr. Seed Accused of Poor Parenting by Baby Mama


The Kenyan gospel musician Mr.Seed has been accused of being a dead-beat father by his baby mama Liz Sonia, the actress who has featured in Swahili Tv drama series Kovu and Maza.

Mr. seed and Liz Sonia welcomed their child seven years ago, and been co-parenting.

They also kept the situation under wraps, until Liz Sonia took to her socials exposing Mr.Seed as a dead-beat father who never cares for his children.

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She expressed her frustrations on Instagram telling people that she is done being the understanding Baby Mama and pledged to cause drama if Mr. Seed does not take responsibility.

Mr. Seed File/COURTESY

“Dear baby daddy, I’m tired, I have been the most understanding baby mama on this planet but for the last seven years, you have done nothing but drain me and all I do is try and understand your situation. So, this year I have decided that I am no longer that sweet caring Baby Mama… For those who know me personally, they will understand”. Liz Sonia posted.


She then clarified that she is not looking for public sympathy in social media, ss she encourage other people to mind their business.

Some online women fans advised her to never depend on Baby Daddy’s as it never ends well.
Mr. Seed currently flashed off his new house which is still under construction, and where he plans to stay with his current wife Nimo Gachuiri with whom he has one child.

While doing an Interview with Eve Mungai he mentioned that he always wanted to have a decent home because he grew up with nothing.

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