Moses Wetangula Celebrates the Leadership of Chebukati


Moses Wetangula the speaker of the National Assembly revealed that he witnessed Commissioner Abdi Guliye wailing in Chebukati’s s office in Bomas of Kenya during the announcement of the presidential election on August 15th, 2022.

Guliye wailed from being assaulted by goons who attacked them at the podium of Bomas of Kenya before they announced the results of the presidential election.

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Moses Wetangula revealed this during a meeting held by president William Ruto where the chairpersons and Commissioners of Independent offices and Commissions were present. Moses Wetangula regrets that the goons who attacked Chebukati and his team are running Scot-free. 

Moses Wetangula File/COURTESY

“I walked into your office (Chebukati’s) after the commotion and I found professor Guliye, a professor, an adult a commissioner crying with both his legs bleeding profusely having been viciously physically assaulted on the podium.

“What is surprising, the AG (Attorney General) is that all those goons who caused mayhem and were caught on CCTV, none has been brought to justice.” Moses Wetangula continued.

Moses Wetangula continued by praising Chebukati and his team for the braveness and courage they had while revealing the results of the elections that happened on August 2022.

“We stand here to salute you (Chebukati) in a very special way, you stood heads and shoulders above the clouds and did a job that many people for a long time will emulate.

“We are in a country where many people like yourself with responsibility constantly look over their shoulders to see who is watching before they make decisions because we always believe in the fear of the unknown and that there is a big brother somewhere watching.” Moses Wetangula said.

Wetangula mentioned that Chebukati has surpassed the leaders who came before him and led by example.

You sat in an office where one time one of your predecessors told Kenyans that he didn’t quite know who had won the elections when he had declared a winner,” Wetangula noted.

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