Georgina Njenga Mourns Her Grandmother’s Death

Georgina Njenga

Georgina Njenga lost her grandmother and took to her socials to celebrate her life by posting her late grandmother’s picture in her Instagram stories with a caption that read: “Rest in peace, grandma, definitely the best grandma I would have asked for, definitely the prettiest.”


This unfortunate event came right after her explicit videos were leaked by her ex-boyfriend. However, Georgina pulled through this hardship and the video was a blessing in disguise for it did not tarnish her reputation or brand instead it opened more doors of opportunity.

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Georgina Njenga is a content creator and influencer. Mr. seed worked with her to advertise his clothing brand and her Instagram stories are filled with advertisements for different brands.

The most common brand she works for is Denri and she was currently named the brand ambassador of Maasai Mara Expeditions.

Georgina Njenga
Georgina Njenga File/COURTESY

Georgina’s husband Tyler Mbaya has said that they will take legal action against her ex-boyfriend for making the explicit video public. Contrary to netizens’ expectations The Explicit video did not change Tyler’s feelings towards Georgina. They are growing strong as a family.

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Tyler Mbaya has been posting Georgina on his Instagram and giving his love and support all through. Georgina and Tyler have one daughter Astra and they recently tattooed their baby’s name on their chest. Astra was named after Tyler’s late mother.

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Georgina Njenga revealed that the man behind the explicit video was blackmailing her. Georgina added that she was young and it was in the past. Her fans stood by her and discouraged people from sharing and circulating the video online.


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