February to Set in with a Unique Solar Extravaganza to Watch Out For


C/2022 E3, as the Green Comet is labeled, was first discovered by scientists in March 2022. It appears surrounded by a green glow because of the effects of the sun on its molecules, and will be at its peak early February.


February is coming in with a one in a lifetime visual extravaganza solar experience, presenting a mysterious green comet that will be at its closest point to our planet after 50,000 years.

This unique occurrence will be at its peak by early February, and it will pass quickly, fading from view a week or two after reaching the apex brightness. Unlike the Hale-Bopp’s recording-breaking 15 months in the sky in 1997.

C/2022 E3, as the Green Comet is labeled, was first discovered by scientists in March 2022.

To the unaided eye, the comet appears as a small, green-tinged blob, which will be followed by a full moon in a few days later.

What’s distinctive about this comet is the much greater distance it has travelled to get here. As scientists still trying to pin down details of where it came from and where it’s headed, they estimate it takes 50,000 years to complete a round trip.

Hale-Bopp was reckoned to have taken about 2500 years, while Halley a mere 76. This concludes that the green comet must be originating at the edge of the solar system, on the brink of interstellar space.

Later in the month, another Super New Moon will be encountered with particularly dark skies making for a good chance to see the stars and planets by night.

It is possible that the last comet visited our cosmic neighborhood, when our previous form of existence was coded in other forms. If not for Charles Darwin’s Neanderthal Sapiens who must have been distracted from their hunting and gathering by a smudge of light that appeared out of the blues and then mysteriously disappeared a few weeks later.

Earthly observers are better prepared with planet bristles, holding telescopes pointed to the skies, with a few more looking up from low-earth orbit. As in the West Midlands’ Shropshire Hills where four distinct spots have been set for observing the Dark Sky Discovery sites, it will make good stargazing sites on clear nights.

The Solar extravaganza of February

C/2022 E3, as the Green Comet is labeled, was first discovered by scientists in March 2022.

February 1: The Green Comet comes close

A greenish comet that only orbits the sun every 50,000 years is due to be at its closest point to Earth and could be visible from our planet in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The comet is set to come within a mere 26 million miles of Earth.

It will be visible from dark sky sites away from light pollution as a small greenish smudge, with binoculars or a telescope the view can be advanced.

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February 5: Snow micromoon

The snow fall moon is expected to come in by early February, this coincides with snowfall and cold weather.

For the consecutive two months the full moon will be a ‘micromoon’ since it occurs near the point in the moon’s orbit when far from the Earth, giving it the small appearance in the night sky.

The micromoon may also appear less bright.

February 20: Super New Moon

New Moon appears when the sun and moon are aligned, with the moon coming between the sun and Earth.

The moon facing earth causes darkness which allows a clear pitch night sky that enables a magnificent star gazing sky.

Because of the elliptical shape of the moon’s orbit around Earth, it gets closer and further away from us throughout the month.

The Super New Moon occurs while the moon is near its closest point to Earth, like it will on February 20. The moon should appear bigger and indeed brighter than at other times of the month.

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