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Dr. Ofweneke Crack Jokes with Kasavuli’s Mother at the funeral service


Sande Bush, better known as Dr. Ofweneke, a comedian, brought levity to Catherine Kasavuli’s memorial service at Nairobi’s Friends Church.


Dr. Ofweneke, who was the master of ceremonies, was able to lighten the mood and bring some much-needed joy to the mourners.

Some of the speakers expressed their appreciation for Dr. Ofweneke’s presence, saying that his comedic touch helped them cope with their loss and celebrate the late Catherine Kasavuli’s life.

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He used Kasavuli’s stellar career to help the gathered mourners reminisce and recollect their memories.

Throughout the service, mourners could be heard laughing and smiling.

“Thank you so much, Dr. Ofweneke, for making us smile on this difficult day,” said Linus Kaikai, Director of Strategy and Innovation at Royal Media.

The comedian’s ability to bring humor to such a solemn occasion was truly remarkable, and those in attendance greatly appreciated it.

Catherine Kasavuli’s funeral service

Dr. Ofweneke’s role as master of ceremonies at Catherine Kasavuli’s requiem mass served as a reminder that laughter and joy can bring light and hope even in the darkest of times.

It demonstrates the power of humor to bring people together and make even the most difficult situations bearable.

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When the pastor asked people not to wear caps in church, Roots Party leader George Wajackoya was exempted from removing his durag.

Ofweneke also roasted Wajackoya, implying that in Western cultures, funerals were used to celebrate the life of the deceased by consuming various types of food, in addition to any cuisine proposed by the former presidential candidate.

Tribute by Catherine Kasavuli’s mother
Rachel Kasavuli, Catherine Kasavuli’s mother, stole the show when she took the MC’s comedic cue to deliver her punchlines.

She stated that she loved meat and that Catherine would frequently go to great lengths to ensure that she had a steady supply of her favorite food. Kasavuli quickly became her favorite child as a result of this.

Center – Catherine Kasavuli’s mother, Rachel

“Catherine was my best daughter. Huyu mwingine ako tu, ni mzuri… anakaa ulaya ananiletea pesa (the other one is also a very good daughter, she lives abroad and brings me money) but Catherine was the best,” the 90-year-old mother said, sending the mourners into a frenzy of laughter.

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She also urged the mourners to dedicate themselves to raising their children to the best of their abilities. In her brief speech, she asked Kenyans to keep praying for her family.


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