Amber Ray Changes to a Housewife after Dating Rapudo

Amber Ray

Kenyan socialite and influencer, Amber Ray, has changed her lifestyle since she started dating Rapudo.

Through a video she posted on her Instagram stories she said that her relationship with Rapudo transformed her into a mother and housewife.

Although she is not complaining as she is enjoying every moment of it, they are currently preparing their children to go back to school after the holidays.

Their family emits family goals as Rapudo and his daughter and Amber Ray and her son are currently living together under one roof.

The socialite has continued to shock people with the content she is posting on her social specifically Instagram. Many of her followers believed that Amber Ray could never be a housewife nor submissive to a person.

Amber Ray
Amber Ray File/COURTESY

However, she has proved her fans wrong by posting on her Instagram feed how content she is being submissive to her significant other Rapudo.

“Submission is not obedience! Obedience is compliance with thought and has little use for intelligence. Submission is not an action! It is the recognition of a higher frequency that can transform you into the best image of yourself. Submission is not a command, it is a form of wisdom only known to the wife of a man with Big B*lls. It is a field set up by men for women to rest and enjoy life. The post read.

Amber Ray
Amber Ray post File/COURTESY

The post gained the attention of her followers living them wondering what Rapudo is doing to have impacted Amber Ray’s lifestyle positively.

Some even wished to have a man like Rapudo so they can have a positive change in their lives.

“I also want me a Rapudo Kama huyu anaweza ongea lusungu like this na a convert to wife material weeeee !!!! Rapudo for president.” One commenter wrote.

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