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5 Sports Associated with Wealth and Status


Ask around a group of people and they will be sure to tell you that some sports are just not for them because well, they are for the rich.


Sports are great. They stimulate the mind while keeping the body in great shape. However, there are certain sports that are stereotyped to be played by high-end people.

Here are 5 sports that are associated with status and wealth:

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  1. Classic golf

It is not surprising that this sport is considered to be for the wealthy in society. Many businessmen and the elite are usually seen meeting in golf clubs as a way to break the ice of office tension. They gravitate toward this sport because it allows them leisure and a chance to relax.

  • Car racing

A lot of wealthy people dig this sport because it provides a great amount of adrenaline. It is also a plus because they get to identify with the cars on the racecourse. Everyone knows that rich people love them some good old rides.

Rich people enjoy car races because it stimulates their adrenaline

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  • Horse racing

Many people of wealth and status enjoy a little bit of horse racing. They usually gather in horse races just to bet on the best ones. Even Queen Elizabeth of England was seen to be attending some of these events, so they must be prestigious.

  • Tennis

If there is a sport that carries that high-class feel, then it has to be this one. This sport requires a high level of moral conduct and discipline. Many elites, prominent politicians, and celebrities like to associate with this sport because of how laid back it is.

Tennis is appreciated by rich people because of how laid back it is

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  • Polo

Why do you think those boys who wear polo shirts in movies are usually feared or avoided? It is because the sport smells like money and status.

Polo is considered to be a rich people sport because of the exclusive polo membership clubs

Polo is a game played by two different teams of horsebacks. This sport is classified with status since a lot of rich folks feel the essence of joining pole clubs with exclusive membership. Plus the expensive horses add to the allure of the game.


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