Top five weird Sexual Fetishes that will surprise you


A sexual fetish is when somebody gets aroused sexually by objects or things that are not related to sex in any way, for instance, Some people get aroused when they see someone else’s feet.

Some fetish is common among people like the clothes one wears, the specific body part of your partner, and many more. However, there are weird Fetishes that people find hard to understand for it is certainly difficult to be aroused by such things.

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This is when a person feels aroused or gets sexual gratification when falling down the stair, this is particularly weird because falling is associated with pain and one may acquire both minor and extreme injuries.

Some people get aroused when they see someone’s feet. File/COURTESY

This is when someone has a sexual attraction to dead bodies, they get turned on by seeing dead bodies.

This is not new in fact it has been there in ancient times. Some mortuary attendants and funeral home workers have been caught red-handed sexually assaulting dead bodies. This is on another level weird; it is also disgraceful and disgusting.

This is when someone is attracted to your pubic hair, especially your genitals. When most people would associate shaving genital or pubic hair grooming some find it a turn-off.

They see one as more masculine or feminine when they keep their pubic hair. Apparently, there are many factors that can attract these people to pubic hair, like the texture, smell, and visual.

Some find it attractive when the pubic hair is concealing the ‘goods’ others find the smell attractive and others like the texture.

This is when someone is sexually aroused by the action of theft. Mostly it is stealing small things that one can easily get away with.

Maybe it is the thrill of stealing and not getting caught or associating the act with the bad boy or bad girl image and vibe. So, when one asks you to steal so you can get away with it, maybe it is for other purposes.

This is when somebody is sexually aroused by Flatulence, in other words, they are aroused by farts.

It said that these people spend a large amount of time thinking about farting resulting in them having sexual urges and fantasies that involve farting.

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