Ruto has no Way out as Mama Rachel Demands her Dues


President William Ruto is on the receiving end of a bet with his wife, First Lady Rachel Ruto, and their children.

The first family bet on the final match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, with the President betting on France and Mama Rachel betting on Argentina.

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Argentina won the game on penalties after a hard-fought game at Qatar’s Lusail Stadium.

President Ruto and Wife Rachel Ruto

Moments before the match, President Ruto took to Twitter to confirm his prediction that France would win.

“Supporting the African team in the world Cup finals. Good luck Rachel & kids as you support the other side. Remember to pay the bet!! Either way, expecting fine football.” He wrote.

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Mama Rachel Ruto, on the other hand, has taken to Twitter to ask her husband to pay his debts since Argentina won the match.

“I want to join the rest of the world in congratulating the Argentina National Football Team, Captained by Lionel Messi, for winning the 2022 World Cup tournament.

“Wear your three stars with pride! Bill, pay your bill!” Mama Rachel posted online.

The Kenyan president has gone ahead and stated that he will pay for his bet, despite his reservations about the game’s nature.

For example, he is still unsure whether the bet was still valid after 90 minutes or whether penalty shootouts are included in a bet.

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He has, however, concluded that since he cannot use the hustler’s fund to pay his dues, perhaps his chicken will come to his rescue.

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