New COVID Deaths in China amidst Protests to Ease Lockdown


China announced two new COVID-19 deaths on Sunday as several districts slowly ease anti-pandemic measures in response to public resentment.

According to the National Health Commission, Sichuan and Shandong provinces each recorded one fatality. There was no information provided on the victims’ ages or vaccination status.

The Communist Party in power is reportedly determined to keep to its hardline stance due to concerns about immunization rates. There are only 66% of those over 80 have had vaccinations, compared to 90% of Chinese.

A member of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force wears a face mask as he keeps watch on a street amid coronavirus disease/ Photo by PBS News

Some of the populace worry that if restrictions are completely eased, millions of people may die due to these statistics and the fact that only a small percentage of Chinese have developed antibodies after being exposed to the virus.

China revealed additional 35,775 cases in the previous 24 hours, 31,607 of which were asymptomatic, bringing the total to 336,165 cases and 5,235 fatalities.

While many have questioned the authenticity of the Chinese data, they remain relatively modest in comparison to the United States and other countries that are now loosening rules and attempting to live with the virus that has killed at least 6.6 million people and affected over 650 million.

Chinese authorities are continuing to ease COVID-19 rules, with negative testing no longer required for public transportation in major locations, including Shenzhen and Beijing.

Commuters in southern Shenzhen may now utilize public transportation and attend pharmacies, parks, and tourist destinations without having to present a negative COVID-19 test. Similar steps have been made by the southern city of Chengdu and the northern metropolis of Tianjin.

Authorities in Beijing have also verified that negative COVID-19 test results will no longer be necessary for public transportation.

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However, a negative test from the previous 48 hours is still necessary to enter places such as shopping malls, which have progressively reopened with many restaurants and cafés offering takeaway options.

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