Justina Roasted for Photoshopping Pictures


Justina Syokau, ‘Twendi Twendi’ singer has been roasted by fans for allegedly editing her body to appear curvier saying she had finally achieved her body goals.

The singer posted on Instagram that she had finally gotten her desired body and was now happy.

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“Finally have achieved my goal nyash, I love my new body 😍,” Justina wrote.

Users quickly pointed out that the photo had been edited and that the tags on the posts were unnecessary, dismissing Justina’s revelation.


Sleemtee_ke Wueeh. Aki huyu aliedit vibaya

Its_bonham Una tag hao wote ndio wafanye nini? Kweli maceleb Wakenya wanapenda kuforce clout. Alafu hiyo process haichukangi same time muthokoi huchukua kuiva, it takes weeks and months, hii editing yako pereka na ukoo!! 😂😂😂😂

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Eve__nieyz Round hii tumewajua mndhan mtakua mna foolish Kila wakati Sasa ati unataka kutrend kama vera😂

_m.a.u.r.i.c.e Photoshop watu si wajinga bana😂😂 to a ngoma uende😂😂

nell_tosh The editor must be arrested mbona ameharibu mabega

yoh_bwoi_nextdoor 😂😂😂 Christian na maisha ya dunia imekuchanganya pick one struggle

frankie_beatz254 Sasa hizo tags zote ni za kazi gani😂😂😂we all can see hiyo ni photoshop…😂

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The singer has had run-ins with social media users who have accused her of making music for attention. Among the songs produced by Syokau are ‘Twendi Twendi,’ ‘Nimerudi,’ and ‘Twendi Twendi Two.’

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