Huddah Calls out Instagram for Discrimination against Africans


Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe took to her Instagram stories calling out on Instagram for discrimination against Africans and the Middle East.

Monroe argues that this discrimination contributed to netizens disliking the app and preferring other apps instead.

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Huddah insists that Instagram have been treating Africans and the Middle Easterns as third-class citizens even though they are industrious and work as hard as the influencers in Europe and the United States of America.

Huddah Monroe File/COURTESY

“Yall losing people to other platforms because of this bullshit of putting others first as if we are not humans. Even adding shops, we got it last in Africa and the Middle East.

This nonsense needs to end. If you roll out something, roll it out all over the world. We are equal, sweating and bleeding the same way. ” Huddah wrote

She continued by saying

“This app has always treated Africa and the Middle East like 3rd class citizens. When they roll out something that is beneficial, it’s for Europeans and other Americans. Others do not benefit from it yet we do the same shit worldwide.” Huddah ranted.

Huddah gave examples of her friends abroad who get money every month For making reels that reach 1000 views while influencers in Africa and the Middle East do not manage to get a dollar

“All my friends abroad are making money off reels for views above 1000 and cashing out like crazy up to $35, 000 monthly. We are on the same platform and don’t even make a dollar from our reels. Are we not humans?” She wrote.

Huddah would want the Instagram app to treat people equally regardless of where one comes from and they should stop discriminating against African and Middle Eastern Influencers.

Huddah became popular through social media, as an influencer, she is also an entrepreneur owning Huddah cosmetics.

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