Bien Bans Eric Omondi from Getting to Sol Fest

Bien Bans Eric Omondi From Going To Sol Fest

Eric Omondi is not permitted to attend Sautisol’s upcoming event, ‘Sol Fest” which is scheduled for December 17.

In a statement by Bien -Sauti sol Lead Singer wrote on his Instagram account.

Bien Bans Eric Omondi From Getting To Sol Fest

“I hereby want to assure all the fans attending Sol Fest this Saturday that the individual shown above, known for being a seasoned public nuisance, WILL NOT, SHALL NOT, and WILL NEVER be allowed entry to Sol Fest.”

“He may have devised a plan to camouflage his way into the venue but our able security team remains vigilant.” He wrote

The two celebrities have been having a beef long-term online beef that has been going on for some time.

Bien Bans Eric Omondi From Getting To Sol Fest

Sol fest is being hosted at KICC and many of the tickets so far have been sold out.

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