Asad Khan Dies in Alleged Domestic Violence

Asad Khan

Rally Driver Asad Khan passed away on Sunday while fighting for his life after allegedly being harmed by his girlfriend and fellow rally driver Maxine Wahome.

Asad Khan passed away on Sunday, December 18, while fighting for his life at the Avenue Hospital in the high dependency unit, after he was rushed to the hospital after allegedly being harmed by his girlfriend and fellow rally driver Maxine Wahome.

His funeral service was held at Parklands Mosque, followed by Asr prayers (4 pm) before he was buried at Kariokor Cemetery on Monday evening.

According to Asad Khan’s brother Adil, Maxine Wahome assaulted Asad Khan on December 12, after coming home drunk from a party she attended the previous night.

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Asad Khan
Asad Khan and Maxine Wahome File/COURTESY

The deceased’s brother who reported his death was with his brother in hospital as he fought for his life after being admitted with deep cuts on his leg.

“Yes, my brother Asad has finally left us. We had been at his bedside ever since he was admitted to the hospital with stab wounds. It is really sad,” Adil said.

Adil said that his brother lost a lot of blood due to the injuries sustained while fighting with his girlfriend Maxine Wahome.

Maxine was arrested for grievous harm but was released after paying bail of Ksh 100,000. She was detained after Adil contacted the police and reported that Maxine inflicted life-threatening injuries on the late Asad Khan.

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She was arrested before his death was announced with Maxine Wahome likely to be charged with more than grievous harm.

Maxine Wahome was released on bail much to the chagrin of his family and friends who are utterly disappointed at Wahome being released and shocked by his sudden demise.

Asad was a respected rally driver who achieved a lot in the motorsports world.

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