Why Betty Kyalo’s New Restaurant might be Shut Down

Betty Kyalo's

Betty Kyalo’s restaurant might be shut down following noise complaints from the people residing near the restaurant.

Authorities have recievedthe summer house located in Karen, has received complaints from residents was too loud and it was disturbing their peace.

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Betty Kyalo's
Betty Kyalo in Summer House File/COURTESY

The Kenya Langata district association addressed the Nairobi City Government via a statement dated 25 November 2022. The statement conveyed their problems with Betty Kyalo’s restaurant which are mainly noise pollution. The restaurant plays loud music at night causing disturbance and discomfort to the people living around the area.

Silalteh Samora demanded that the county government attend to this issue quickly by closing the restaurant and withdrawing their licenses.

“We are aggrieved that The Summer House, which opened its doors to the public two months ago, did not follow the prerequisite process when seeking to develop the property as is required by the law…No public announcement in any daily newspaper was made notifying members of the public about The Summer House development” Silalteh Samora said.

Langata Forest Edge Residence Association (lafera) also complained about Betty Kyalo’s restaurant, they said that it does not meet the aesthetic value of the area according to the zoning policy. They later asked the county government to close the restaurant within seven days failure to which they will take the case to court This was communicated through a letter that was dated October 19.

This was following the warning Governor Sakaja imposed on clubs that are located in residential areas to stop playing Loud Music at 10 pm, however, some clubs did not adhere to this rule, when the police officers and officers from the county government conducted an operation during the weekend they found some clubs playing loud music at night and their licenses were revoked.

According to Nation the nightclub that had their licenses canceled include 1824, Club 909, CK Club, X millionaires Club, Oyster Bay, Edu’s Bar, Pitstop Grill, and Claret Lounge.

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