NTV’s Susan Grace reveals her struggles with depression


NTV Journalist, Susan Grace, talks about her struggles with Depression and Self harm before her success, saying that only prayers saved her.

Susan Grace, a Media personality and television presenter who hosts the gospel show Crossover 101 that airs every Sunday on NTV, had faced various challenges before her success, including depression and self-harm, which she overcome through prayer.

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Susan Grace noted that people think he has been living a good life since childhood, some also assume that she has always had her life together, however she confirms that the assumptions are false since her life has not been stable.

Susan Grace narrates he distressed past

“It’s very easy for someone to have one glance at me or my social media lifestyle and assume that I’ve always had my life together.

The truth is, I’ve not! One of the greatest battles I’ve fought so far is the mental health battle and it’s sad I fought it on my own. I didn’t know how to ask for help.” Susan says.
Susan says she started suffering from depression when she was in high school. Her life situation got her stressed and could overthink causing her Depression and insomnia.

“I struggled with depression when I was in high school and it started manifesting in the form of sleepless nights. I just couldn’t sleep because I had no peace of mind and there was just so much going through my head.” Susan Says.
Susan’s depression condition escalated and she contemplated suicide, Fortunately, none of her suicide attempts worked as she sorted to inflict harm on herself.

She says self-harm made her feel at ease and a scapegoat to her condition which was torn by her situation.

“The pressure of keeping things to myself started building up and I didn’t have a proper way to let out. Then the idea of inflicting pain on myself crossed my mind and I started collecting pins so that I could prick myself and feel better.” Susan explained.

The Crossover show host, said she did not have a good childhood, living with her grandmother since her mother left her at her grandmother’s place.

Her grandmother did not let her play with her friends she only encouraged her to focus on reading and house chores.

Susan Grace thought that her grandmother had done that with good intentions in mind however, she did not like her childhood experience.
“My grandmother was big on two things: academics and house chores I understand she did that out of love and I’m glad, looking at the kind of woman I turned out to be, but I missed out on a big chunk of my childhood. I didn’t get to play with other children and if I did, I got a beating for that.”

With her story, she hoped to help people who suffer from depression and do ministry through her redemption and success story

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