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Kenyans to Get Ksh 10 for Every Dropped Call In new Amendment Bill

Kenyans to Get KES 10 for Every Dropped Call In new Amendment Bill

The Kenya Information and Communications (Amendment) Bill, 2022 currently suggests that a telco be required to credit a customer who started a call that is disconnected after a connection with Ksh 10 worth of airtime for each call drop within its network, up to a maximum of three call drops per day.


Call drop rate, which is the percentage of calls, which are unintentionally disconnected mid-conversation without the user’s intervention.

Kenyans to Get KES 10 for Every Dropped Call In new Amendment Bill
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However, when a call is dropped owing to outside interference on the carrier’s connection lines or an unavoidable accident, the telco is not responsible for paying the customer any damages.

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The Quality-of-Service Monitoring System was started in 2018 by the communication authority of Kenya. It is based on three key components: network performance, customer experience as well as end-to-end performance that analyses the rate of dropped calls, call connection time, and voice/data quality.

The quality of service can be harmed by problems like call drop rate, which is the proportion of conversations that are mistakenly disconnected in the middle of a conversation without the user’s interaction. Telcos are penalized whenever this occurs.

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Telcos must disclose raw statistics on their network performance to Communication Authority on an hourly basis.

This comes months after the communication authority of Kenya closed unregistered sim cards of individuals.

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