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Is Azimio on its road to a downfall?

Raila Odinga

Wiper Deputy Party Leader, Farah Maalim, hinted that Azimio la Umoja- One Kenya Alliance coalition will not make it to the next General Election in 2027.


In recent weeks the DP on a number of occasions has also hinted at plans by the government to absorb every member from the opposition — the Azimio la Umoja Coalition.

Farah Maalim on Sunday, November 22, pointed out to the Azimio leader Raila the possible downfall of the coalition.

Raila Odinga,Azimio La Umoja Presidential Candidate
Raila Odinga,Azimio La Umoja Presidential Candidate

He noted that Raila, during the general elections, did not back up the lawmakers who forfeited their political bids to support him.

He also went ahead to question Raila’s interests in the August 9 Election and accused him of selfish gains that did not have the coalition’s interests considered.

“I kept wondering throughout this process, what is Raila Odinga looking for in this contest? Is he looking to become president or something else, the impression you get is he is either looking for money or other resources or other things, look at what Ruto is doing..,” Maalim stated

“Why did we lose? We had the same problem in 2007, 2013, 2017 and now 2022, in all these our agents were not paid, which means somebody who had the money did not pay, are you going for this race to become president of this country?” he continued.

In his opinion, he felt that the likes of Kanini Kega and Kioni would have done better had they not forfeited their political bids to join and support the coalition.

According to him, they have a lot of potential as lawmakers who would make a difference in the government.

He further went ahead to insinuate that the Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo should venture on his own and seek his political path without expecting Raila’s support.

“My good friend Kalonzo Musyoka who has sacrificed a lot for Raila, now believes the mantle will be handed to him, it will not happen, the good thing for him is to make up his mind for the future, he was betrayed in 2007, 2013, 2017 and 2022, we have never been in this business to win the presidency,” he affirmed.

On the possible downfall of the Azimio Coalition, Mbeere North MP Geoffrey Ruku has come out with claims that the government plans on weakening the opposition.

In an interview with one of the media houses, he noted that the government was wooing the opposition members to their side.

His sentiments come after DP Gachagua’s insinuations on November 20, at Karatina Catholic Church that the government was eyeing to absorb every member of Azimio to the ruling party by December 31.

DP Gachagua had earlier stated that he had called upon Mt. Kenya lawmakers to vote for Kanini Kega in the EALA elections. Addressing mourners in Tharaka Nithi Gachagua said his support for Kanini Kega was a sign of forgiveness towards his opponents.

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