How to Get a Vasectomy Done Safely


Vasectomy is a permanent birth control method performed in men, where a small incision is made on the scrotum and the vas deferens tubes are sealed to prevent the flow of sperm from the testis during ejaculation.


As vasectomy is hitting the green light, the majority of men are finding it an easy and safe contraceptive method for birth control, however, some are still uncertain about how the procedure is conducted.

Vasectomy is a contraceptive method performed on men

Vasectomy has been bound by stereotypic norms like, men losing their sexual desire, or men becoming lazy and fat after the procedure, this has deluded many couples denying them a chance to pick on a safe and effective birth control method.

As the myths are now being cleared, experts explain vividly how the Vasectomy procedure is conducted safely and productively.

Vasectomy experts from Marie Stopes Kenya elaborate on the process undergone for a successful procedure, as they stress the safety and effectiveness of this formula, below:

Vasectomy Consultation
The client after deciding on getting a vasectomy, can reach out to the given medical facility offering vasectomy and pick a date on when to see a specialist.

The experts take the initiative of arranging a consultation for the client prior.

The consultation includes elaborating in detail on the procedure of vasectomy, preparing the client on what to expect, and the possible risks and complications as well.

The expert answers all the questions asked by the client.
pre-appointment day preparations

The client is expected to have 48 hours of rest away from physically strenuous activities like heavy lifting and contact sports.

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Avoiding alcohol and recreational drugs for 24 hours is advised.

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Appointment Day
Eating and drinking well before seeing the specialist
Take a shower on the appointment day, and avoid shaving the area.

Ensuring you have tight, light, cotton underpants on the procedure day.

Vasectomy Counselling
Counselling is conducted on clients of a younger age of 25years and below, and also those who are not sure of the decision they have made, they get supportive, non-judgemental, and confidential counselling.

Consent for your Vasectomy
After fully explaining the procedure, the specialist will ask you to read and sign a consent form, indicating that you have understood the procedure, and the possible risks and complications.

The Procedure
The Vas Deferens are tubes that pass Sperm cells from the testicles to the urethra during ejaculation, these tubes are sealed to stop sperm from getting through.

Once in the operating room, the specialist will examine your organs, upon which the operation will proceed if the surgeon is satisfied with the condition.

The groin area is covered and local anaesthesia is injected into the groin area.
A small incision is made on the scrotum upon which the Vas Deferens tubes are heat sealed.

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The process lasts for 10 to 15 minutes, as one might experience a tugging sensation.

The wound is dressed and the fitting underwear and your trousers are placed back on.

You will wait in the recovery room for 30 minutes, as this period allows the specialist to deal with any issues that might arise, as well as allow the patient to recover.

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Blood pressure is taken afterwards to ensure your condition is stable.

Recovery and Aftercare
A Vasectomy nurse takes you through the Recovery and aftercare advice, and you can leave for home once you feel good enough.

Semen Testing
To ensure that your vasectomy process is successful a Semen test is carried out after 3 months as advised by the vasectomy nurse.

Privacy and Feedback
Marie stopes Medical facilities are responsible and committed to keeping the client’s data confidential.


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