Catherine Kamau Announces the Premier of ‘Nafsi’ on Netflix

Catherine Kamau

Catherine a.k.a ‘Kate the Actress’ posted on her Instagram page that the Kenyan movie Nafsi will premiere on Netflix come 18th November, 2022.

Catherine Kamau, the award winning Kenyan actress and also a feature actor in the Kenyan film ‘Nafsi’, took to her social media space to announce that the movie is on Netflix. The movie premiered on the cinema from November 6.

She posted the picture of the Netflix app advertising the premiere of the movie under the caption

“Best news Today finally you get to experience this beautiful piece of art by @odangareuben @mumbi_maina our manifestation has come to fruition, thank you for walking this journey with me boo. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew, we did a ting peeps” Catherine Kamau wrote.

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The movie Nafsi is about a middle-class married woman Aisha who asks her best friend Shiko to be her surrogate however when the IVF process is finished and successful Aisha has a change of heart and asks shiko to terminate the pregnancy leaving shiko feeling used and abandoned affecting their friendship.

Catherine Kamau
Catherine Kamau File /COURTESY

The film was directed by Reuben Odanga a well-known director and producer, famous for his work in ‘Selina’ an award winning best TV drama of the year in the Kalasha awards 2019.

The movie Nafsi will be full of impressive Kenyan talent including character personification among the cast.

Catherine Kamau was cast as Shiko, Mumbi Maina as Aisha, and Alfred Mutua as Sebastian.

The actors and actresses starring in this film have appeared in various Kenyan movies and have been successful in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Catherine Kamau got a lot of love and support from her fans after she expressed her excitement on Instagram.

Many congratulated her on her achievement including various Kenyan celebrities, with most people happy that Netflix has considered Kenyan platform on local content.

Besides the movie ‘Nafsi’ their are other Kenyan local content that have premiered on Netflix platform, such as, ‘Disconnect’ Starring Brenda Wairimu and Nick Mutuma, ‘Just In time’ Starring Sarah Hassan, and Country Queen.

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