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women attempts in abusive Relationships


Domestic Violence Prevention Center, shows women attempt to leave abusive relationships five times out of the seven, as many die.


Abusive Relationships have existed from before making it an old wine with renewed skin over the years, as the abuse varies causing depression and other mental diseases. Many women have gone through this but just a few spoke out.

Some find speaking about their issues openly embarrassing and are not strong enough to speak out.

Women in Abusive Relationships

It is all about control and power. In most of these cases, many men start as very romantic people and shower their significant other with gifts and love but change over time.

women tend to develop low self-esteem as they are controlled by men who do not really care about them.

Some women make excuses that might be a reason to hang on to such relationships. Children are one of them but when children see such abuse it is like almost experiencing it themselves.

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This makes the children experience trauma, have low self-esteem, and develop mental illnesses like anxiety and depression.

Some of these cases at times get ignored by some police and security officials simply because they have no clue of the repercussions or at times simply can’t be bothered to care. after one report about domestic violence, they mostly get swept under the rug and women continue to suffer such treatment.

Women in Makueni county would suffer in silence because the government did not give them support of any kind. Benita Bata in the year of 2018 was burned by her husband because she asked for financial aid.

She was the one taking care of the bills in the house. The mother of one was burned while trying to save her child.

The fire caught her hair first then later spread to other parts of her body. She was taken to the hospital by a Motorbike operator, and she is now nursing her wounds in her parent’s home.

She is not the only victim in Makueni, Marion Mwende’s life was threatened by her husband because she wanted to leave the relationship.

However, her husband would not let her live and threatened to kill her if she tried to live with him. Besides that, case Marai Kyule is another victim who left her matrimonial home after being emotionally and physically abused by someone she trusted and loved.

She was always being beaten and used as a punching bag every time. The incident that stood out from all the abuse she went through was when she was in the bathroom bathing her husband put pepper in her inner garments and she started feeling itchy.

The sad part about all these incidents is that when they try and report the abuse, they have been through the police take no action and let them suffer in their misery.

The abusers are walking free with no consequences for their horrible actions.

However, the law has changed over the years now verbal abuse and physical abuse are now considered crimes now and they are punishable by law.

Women are now advised to speak out to a counselor or a therapist who may help them out of the situation because some women end up dying because of staying in an abusive relationship some are emotionally damaged and mentally disturbed to the point where they consider suicide as an option.

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Speaking out helps victims of abusive relationships heal and be able to continue with their lives without being pulled down by various difficulties such as domestic violence.

It is fortunate that some women have been able to recover from such traumatic experiences and will always remain an example and hope to many women.

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