Why I removed MCAs in Whatsapp Group- Governor Kawira Mwangaza

Kawira Mwangaza

Meru County Governor, Kawira Mwangaza has explained why she decided to remove all Meru County Assembly members from the Whatsapp platform.


Kawira supported her claim by asserting that she is the group moderator and has the right to expel whoever she wants from the group.

Meru County Governor, Kawira Mwangaza. File/COURTESY

In a Monday press release at her office in Meru County, the first-time governor said she saw no need for the group since members were not on good terms.

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“How can you stay in a group whose members are not on good terms?” she posed a question.

“If a group does not serve the purpose then why do you stay in it? Definitely you quit,” she said in a Monday, October 24 Press.

Kawira Mwangaza said the formation of the group was a local arrangement and its existence should remain as such.

She added that one cannot report before the Anti Corruption agency regarding removal from Whatsapp Group.

“You can’t report someone to the EACC because he removed you or left a group,” she said.

Mwangaza who won the Meru County Gubernatorial seat through an Independent ticket is at loggerheads with the county reps over the ward fund which she has refused to approve.

She remains the talk in the town over the allegation that EACC has raised concern regarding her reckless County governing and hampering with Chapter six of the Kenyan Constitution.

However, Kawira said she cannot present herself before EACC until the agency gives a formal communication to her office.

The issue with the EACC emerges from her alleged directive for county employees to further the interests of a TV station owned by her spouse.

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The county reps have also faulted her for appointing her husband Baichu Murega to a public office as County Youth Patron and hustlers’ ambassador.

Kawira said all these are part of a scheme by the MCAs to manipulate her into giving in to their demands.

“I won’t partake in the culture where people blackmail each other,” she stated.


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