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Turkish Stoves in High Demand as Energy crisis looms in European Countries

Turkish Stoves

According to Stove manufacturer, Gokhan Aybar, from Ankara, orders of Turkish handcrafted stoves from abroad have increased over the past four months.

Turkish Stoves in high demand as energy crisis looms in European Countries #kechhotline

The report indicates the increase in the popularity of stoves is attributed to the high energy prices in Europe.

European countries have significantly increased the demand for Turkish Stoves as the Energy crisis worsens.

People cannot afford to use natural gas, which is too expensive which is why they buy and transfer stoves from Turkey, according to the manufacturer in the industry.

Aybar noted that in the cities of Edirne and Krklareli, the interest in stoves has also increased among Europeans.

“Last winter, my last gas bill was €157 ($159),” says Aybar.

In the Netherlands, the government helps the unemployed, but there is not the slightest support for people who work,” Orhan Altiparmak, who lives in the Netherlands, told the Yeni Safak newspaper.

Altiparmak added that many Dutch citizens started trying different heating means, such as stoves and electric heaters.

Europe is currently facing an unprecedented rise in energy prices exacerbated by Western sanctions on Russia over its military operations in Ukraine.



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