Scientists from Uganda are developing gene therapy to treat HIV

Health; Ugandan scientists are in the process to develop gene therapy Human Immune Virus-HIV treanment,hence giving a new chapter as far as health is concerned.


Footage; Scientists from Uganda are developing gene therapy to treat HIV.

Showing a significant roadmap, the research shows one in eight HIV cures is being conducted in sub-Saharan Africa, thus giving a green light to the process.

In South Africa, the study shows young women with the latest infection are testing broadly neutralizing antibodies, while gene therapy research is being conducted in Uganda. Thus, in the prevention field, early work on an mRNA vaccine is being finalized in Rwanda and South Africa.   

The idea was explained in a pre-conference meeting on the cure held before the 24th International AIDS Conference 2022.

Magnificently, curing complex methodologies for instance cancer and inherited diseases can simply involve equally complex and expensive drugs.

This generates pointed problems associated with HIV, an infectious dangerous disease that is purely targeting, the poorest and people who cannot afford the right medication. Sub-Saharan Africa reads for at least 70 percent of the global HIV burden and 59 Percent of new global infections in 2021.

The US National Institutes of Health- Dr. Elizabeth Barr told the pre-conference meeting that they had made counting proceedings which resulted in 162 HIV cure studies in 2019.

There were twenty-three (23) in Asia and Oceania while eight (8) in Latin America, and the Caribbean, and nineteen (19) of 12% in sub-Saharan Africa.

Furthermore, the selected groups, most especially women, were under-represented according to the research. Singling out that one in six cure study participants were identified as cisgender women and 1.4 percent were transgender people.

Innovative HIV vaccine key studies have also started in Rwanda and South Africa

Giving key scientific confidence, a team of African scientists led, by IAVI G003 has enrolled eighteen (18) HIV-negative adult volunteers to give a try if a vaccine injection that contains eOD-GT8 60mer can be delivered through Modena’s mRNA platform.

In Uganda, Cissy Kityo told the conference that the converged Clinical Research Centre in Kampala has a confidential team headed by Fred Hutchinson Center in Seattle to develop a gene therapy treatment for HIV which will be ready to put for testing in Uganda by 2024.

Simply on a highly ranked note, Cissy Kityo said that it will be the first gene therapy trial in Africa. Putting a note, the licensed product which will be examined in Uganda is Anti-HIV duo CAR-T cell therapy, it gives a modification of T cells such that they may be able to directly control HIV in the absence of therapy.

The product is strategically at Phase 1 clinical trials at the University of California and San Francisco respectively.

On the other hand, Uganda is also developing genetic engineering policy and a regulatory approval pathway. Making sense, a Ugandan scientist is trained in how to manufacture gene therapy products at the original Fred Hutchinson Center.

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