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Scientific reasons why people cheat based on research

When people are in a relationship they get to learn and know each other better however, some mistakes can make the relationship end.


Cheating is something that can make a long-term relationship end.

Cheating can make people lose trust in their significant other, it can also make one angry. The research was conducted to understand the reason why people cheat.

According to Scientific American, there are eight key reasons why people cheat. These are, Self-esteem, Lack of Love, Neglect, Need for Variety, Anger, Situations or circumstances, Low commitment, and sexual Desire. I will explain a few.

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Cheating can make people lose trust in their significant other, it can also make one angry.File/COURTESY


When one is neglected in a relationship they end up feeling not needed and not important. Hence they go and seek validation from somewhere else like a different partner, this way they end up cheating on their primary partner because they receive more validation from the affair. When one feels neglected they are advised to communicate their concerns to their partner to avoid cheating.


Some partners lack self-esteem, they either don’t love themselves or feel useless and unwanted. This causes them to look for their worth outside the relationship. While having an affair they are praised for everything they do and appreciated boosting their self-esteem, as a result, they feel the value of them being around.

Lack of Love

When people fall out of love or there in a loveless relationship there is a high chance of them cheating. People in a relationship can fall out of love due to underappreciation and lack of respect among others. People can also be in a loveless relationship if it is a planned relationship.

Need for Variety

Some people are not ready to be committed to one person. They would like to experience variety. Hence it has nothing to do with what is happening in the current relationship they are in. They are just not ready for a monogamous relationship resulting in them cheating on their partner.


When one person realizes that their partner has wronged them in the relationship they get angry and tend to look for revenge. They would like to make their partner hurt and feel what they feel resulting in the cheating

Situations or Circumstances

When people are out having fun in clubs and parties they tend to get drunk. Sometimes they have no idea of what they are doing and end up cheating on their partner

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