Magix Enga Comes Clean on Illuminati Revelation

Magix enga

Magix Enga has confessed that the video in which he publicly claims he is in the Illuminati (a secret group claiming to possess hidden sacred knowledge) on January 2022, is indeed a false confession.

Kenyan music producer and singer Magix Enga says he was intoxicated and under peer pressure during that particular interview when he ended up declaring Illuminati as the source of his wealth and power.

Magix Enga
Magix Enga File/COURTESY

This statement allegedly jeopardised his music career after he was dropped from music deals with clients and people who did not want to associate with him after the video came out.

Illuminati is a common phrase among urban musicians who claim to be in touch with clandestine supernatural forces to advance their genius to increase their wealth and fame.

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“I did most of the interviews when I was not sober…. The interviewer found me when I was drunk,” he said. There is nothing like Illuminati…..It was peer pressure with a lot of influence,” He said during an interview with Eve Mungai.

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Earlier in January, Magix revealed he was part of the Illuminati and that was how he gained wealth and success. He said he joined the Illuminati when he was 23 years old and he has been an active member for 7 years.

“People should stop joking or chasing clout…. Illuminati is real. I joined when I was 23 years and now I am 30. I did whatever I did, I never sacrificed anyone and I bought my first car,” he says during the interview done in January.

Magix Enga revealed that he has changed since then and is working harder to improve his reputation while on his recovery path. He has currently shaved his dreadlocks representing the new change he is working on.

Music has been Magix Enga’s passion since he was young and he already knew what he wanted to do from his childhood days. He started as a gospel artist but gradually went to secular music. He has featured in a number of collaborations with well-established artists in his music career.

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