KRG The Don Spends Ksh 2.4 million on Son’s Birthday

KRG The Don and son

Self-proclaimed billionaire businessman and musician KRG The Don spent millions as he treated his son Naville Kimani to a luxurious birthday.

KRG The Don spent Ksh2.4 million in celebration of his son’s birthday. The event’s focal point was a slick extended limousine and large electronic billboard, on which The Don boasted about his vast financial resources.

His son’s birthday will be displayed for three days on electric billboards at eight malls, including Sarit Center, Waterfront, TRM, Garden City, and Luthuli Way, to name a few.

Quick question how long have you celebrated your child’s birthday or just yours?

Apparently KRG The Don is richer than some of our leaders. During an interview with TV47, he revealed he was worth Ksh5 billion.
“I am approaching Ksh5 billion, pesa iko hii dunia,” he said

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Apart from doing music, and owning a record label, he is the owner of the famous Casa Vera Lounge which he said is worth Ksh200 million and Vehicle selling.

For instance, Amani National Congress (ANC), Musalia Mudavadi, recently declared he is worth Ksh 4 billion, which would make KRG The Don wealthier than Kenya’s former vice president.

Below are some of the remarks made by fans in response to KRG’s declaration of wealth.
@djshiti_comedian said: “Heri yeye… Kuna ndugu zetu wana Jeans Nne, SuperDrum , Stool kadhaa, Mimba tatu tofauti Na Cable mbwekse za type C.”
@kodedtoolit said: “Sisi hatunanga kiituuu! nazzing at all!” @mrbradley__ said: “Heri wewe wengine we are worth kuinama tu na hatujareveal.”

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