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Gor Mahia boss, Ambrose Rachier, reveals he is a Freemason

Gor Mahia Chairman, Ambrose Rachier

Gor Mahia Chairman, Ambrose Rachier, has left many Kenyans intrigued after revealing that he is a Freemason, a covert fraternal organisation that has existed for centuries.


He said that many well-known individuals are Freemasons, but they keep their membership top-secret and are forbidden from disclosing it to others at higher levels or to the general public.

Gor Mahia Chairman, Ambrose Rachier. File: [PHOTO]

While speaking with NTV, Rachier confessed to be a member of the secret Group in Nairobi and never regret to be part of freemasonry.

“I do not care to say I am one of them, and I do not regret it; my family know that today Ambrose Rachier is going to the meeting,” he revealed.

In a detailed explanation, Rachier said Freemasonry is based on all religions and does not specify any in particular.

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According to him, the Freemasonry organization includes Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims.

“We do not invoke the name of Jesus Christ in our meetings,” he claimed.

The seasoned lawyer also revealed several notable dignitaries in Kenya are part of the secret group.

“If you look at the board, you will find chief justices of Kenya; there is a lot of who is who in Kenya there.

“We drive there; there is a way we dress; I carry my attire,” he added.

He claims that the members are the guardians of top-secret information that is not shared with other Freemasons or outsiders.

“We have all secrets. We don’t tell our secrets to people on different levels,” he stated.

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