China on spot over illegal police post stations in the Netherlands

World News; China’s government is on a red light spot over the establishment of hidden police stations in the Netherlands.

Photo/Courtesy (China on spot over illegal police post stations in the Netherlands).

Dutch media found critical evidence of China’s new police tactics on the Netherlands territory in order to generate magnificent service by any means.

Stating in a statement, the Dutch spokesperson from the department of the foreign ministry said that the existence of unwanted police stations is purely illegal.

Giving a clarified procedure, the Chinese embassy stated that is not aware of the current situation in the Netherlands.

Point of view; According to the organization, the public security organization in two Chinese provinces had already formed at least 54 police service locations across five continents and at least 21 countries.

Strengthening security across the world, China has most police stations in Europe, including nine in Spain and four in Italy.

The special police force units were systematically formed to handle crime cases across the continents as well as identified countries and also present administrative duties, such as the renewal of Chinese driver’s licenses.

In a defined response to the situation, the Chinese embassy told RTL News it was not aware of the existence of such police stations.

On the other hand, Safeguard Defenders said stated that China’s new policy tactics are simply a key area of concern, hence targeting suspects without any establishment links to crime.

In addition, the pressure is mounting on the Dutch government to ensure critics of the Chinese government who are granting asylum can be protected, and that in the Netherlands.

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