Viral videos of Eric Omondi teasing African Presidents in UK Bus

Comedian Eric Omondi can't help but make fun of the African Presidents crammed into a bus in the UK to head to Buckingham Palace for the burial of the Queen
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Comedian Eric Omondi can’t help but make fun of the African Presidents crammed into a bus in the UK to head to Buckingham Palace for a reception thrown by King Charles III for the Commonwealth.

African leaders in a bus going for Queen Elizabeth’s burial

A viral photo of the presidents sparked a negative response.

The United States of America president, Joe Biden, was permitted to bring his convoy, while African leaders who attended the funeral of the British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, were pictured on Monday being crammed into a bus.

Eric used President William Ruto as an example to demonstrate how the Head of State may have asked for money while also urging his peers to pray for him.

Omondi starts off by standing in the front of the bus, imitating Kenyan preachers. “The Bible says that blessed is the hand that giveth”

He keeps speaking to the Presidents, claiming, “I want to share a word with us. The Bible says blessed is the one that giveth and not the one that receiveth”

“As you know I’m the newest President of Africa and I only found 93 million in our Treasury so I am going to request you as I preach as I as I share the word of God, If God touches you whatever you have we will appreciate.”

Eric then pretends to be Tanzanian President Suluhu, who is on the phone. Speaking in Kiswahili, Suluhu asks “watoto vipi?” Suluhu does not complete the call and lets out a scream after a thief snatches it “Uwwwwi,”
Eric then demonstrates how Ramaphosa, the president of South Africa, is dancing in the bus to Amapiano. Then Eric pretends to be Ruto and says;

“Ramaphosa bwana why are you only playing South African music? Why are you playing amapiano only, play some Kenyan music bwana”
He continues, “and remove your Bluetooth even us we have Bluetooth, and play gospel bwana, some of us are born again”. Some of us are saved. Me I’m a hustler bana,”

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