US Embassy Issues Kisumu Travel Advisory as Verdict Awaits

US Ebassy issues travel advisory to Kisumu
US Embassy has issued another travel advisory to its citizens on being vigilant and avoiding travels to Kisumu as the verdict of the petition is to be announced
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The US Embassy yet again gave a caution to its citizens who are in Kenya against traveling to Kisumu as the Supreme Court verdict of the petition by Azimio is expected to be given on Monday 5th September.

In the advisory issued on Thursday, September 1, the Embassy stated that Kenya has periodically experienced some post-electoral violence during election cycles, hence a caution for their staff members in Lakeside city to be more vigilant.

This follows an earlier advisory that was issued as the electioneering period approached. As emphasized by Ambassador of US to Kenya Whitman, the advisory should not alarm members of the public but they urged their personnel to be extra careful.

“Out of an abundance of caution, the U.S. Embassy has imposed movement restrictions on U.S. government personnel in Kisumu.  The State Department reminds U.S. citizens of the continued need for sustained vigilance,” the advisory stated.

Even though Kenyans had criticized the Embassy after an advisory that was issued on Tuesday, August 2, when the US Embassy imposed movement restrictions and further cautioned its citizens to only visit the city if and when necessary.

In its defense, the Embassy said,” Election-related demonstrations and rallies regularly take place after elections, at times blocking key intersections and causing traffic jams,” the advisory read in part. Demonstrations may occasionally be violent, requiring police intervention.  Strikes and other protest activities related to economic conditions occur regularly.”

In addition, stating that this follows a routine of security alerts as the Embassy ensures that its citizens are safe within in case of any emergency.

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