The Smallest Coffins Are The Heaviest – Kambua Speaks On The Passing Of Her Son

Former TV host Kambua hasn't fully recovered from losing her son. The renowned artist shared on Instagram Stories how hard it is for parents
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Former TV host Kambua hasn’t fully recovered from losing her son. The renowned artist shared on Instagram Stories how hard it is for parents to carry their child’s casket.


“The smallest coffins are the heaviest. One day I will tell you about that. Not today, someday.”

” If you know someone who has had a miscarriage, a stillbirth, infant loss call them, text them. Let them know they are loved. Let them know their baby mattered.” Kambua said.

On February 15th, 2021, Kambua lost her son Malachi. Malachi, the late Kambua’s son, would have turned one on February 15, 2022.

Kambua and her husband cut a cake in honour of Malachi to commemorate his birthday.

Kambua posted the cake at the time on her social media.
“Happy 1st birthday in heaven my precious Malachi 🤍👼🏾.We’d have loved to hold you close today, but I know Jesus and the angels have smothered you with so much love and that gives us peace.
You are forever loved ♾🤍@artcaffekenya thank you for making this day so special for my family. This White Chocolate Rose Cake hit the right spot in our mouths and hearts! 😋 #artcafferosyaffair.”

In honour of her son, Kambua also bought herself a customized ring.
“One of the things I really wanted to do after my baby boy got his angel wings, was to get some memorial jewellery. I wanted something precious, but also functional. Something I could always wear and remember that Malachi was here.
In my search I found @thevavanistore . It was a big win for me that it is a Kenyan brand, that does custom-made jewellery!
And because I rarely do bracelets, necklaces, etc., I decided to do a ring. I can’t wait to show take you through the process ☺️. By the way, what do you prefer? Yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold? Also, do you know your ring size?”
Kambua continued by explaining why she selected the particular gemstone for the ring she had made in Malachi’s honour.
“I am in love. Simply and truly. @thevavanistore you captured my heart and the memory of a little boy that I will forever carry in my heart. I chose a morganite as the center stone because it is a rare gemstone, that signifies healing.
We surrounded the morganite with diamonds (conflict free & ethical), because diamonds are forever ✨ Signifying my everlasting love. The stones elegantly sit on a rose gold band. 🤍I’m a little emotional as I write this out.”
She continued by saying;
“I will cherish this forever. Malachi was here and he remains so deeply loved. Thank you Jesus for giving me the great honour of being an angel mom.”

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