Sonie refutes Mulamwah’s claims that she makes co-parenting difficult

While celebrating her daughter's first birthday, content creator Muthoni Ng'ethe 'Sonie' refuted assertions made by her baby daddy David Oyando (Mulamwah).

While celebrating her daughter’s first birthday, content creator Muthoni Ng’ethe ‘Sonie’ refuted assertions made by her baby daddy David Oyando (Mulamwah).

Mulamwah and Sonie

Sonie defended herself by claiming that she has not prevented the father of her daughter from seeing her, in response to Mulamwah’s public post in which he accused Sonie of making up appearances online.

“I have never denied anyone a chance to come and see his daughter and I honestly do not have much to say in that line of argument at all,” Sonie said.

In celebration of their daughter’s birthday, Sonie posted pictures and videos online, expressing her joy at taking the 1-year-old to Mombasa.

Mulamwah also took to his Instagram to wish his daughter birthday wishes while making it clear that their co-parenting arrangement was not perfect.

During an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Sonie discussed her baby father’s most recent attacks.

Sonie had the following to say about the subject of using their daughter for social media likes and as a bait to acquire money from the father.

“How can I use my kid as a job or bait? Kyla is a brand and so am I so we are two brands that are trying to make life easier for both of us to live because we have a life to live and we don’t want to struggle. I don’t think I am using my child, she is my child, she is my daughter, I don’t have to be told am using my daughter for monetary gains.

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“Where does that money go to, Isn’t it for the kid? Kyla needs money, and Kyla needs diapers. We need and we have to look for money and it is for her not me. That money does not help me, it is for the kid,” Sonie said.

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