Send DCI to arrest me- Akothee responds after linkage to human trafficking

Send DCI to arrest me- Akothee responds after linkage to human trafficking
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Unapologetic businesswoman and musician Akothee has responded to a netizen who accused her of being involved in illegal human trafficking to Saudi Arabia.

In the post shared on her Instagram, the mother of five used sarcasm in response to what appeared to be a serious accusation.


“So Akothee is the ring leader of sending girls to suffer in Saudi Arabia. So much for “empowering women”. Thought Akothee’s rich lifestyle comes from her music. Kumbe there is so much that happens behind the scenes? So shameful,” read the post.

Excitable Akothee, who is known for not letting allegations with her name die, took the time to write a paragraph on how she felt about claims she chases the bag by human trafficking as a side hustle.

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“SEND DCI TO ARREST ME ‼ Wacha kupiga kelele social media,” she daringly began.

“Yes, you are very right. There is no money in music. And I must maintain this rich lifestyle. Muzungus, Illuminati and prostitution alone can’t pay my bills. Girls must suffer for me to pay my bills. I not only export girls, I also export grandparents and families suffering in the village. Get yours a passport and you are on the next plane,” she continued.

“I will Google where Saudi Arabia is so I start making trips there. I think I have visited Dubai twice and I don’t even like it myself 🤣looks like there is a lot of money there.”

Concluding her remarks with her common nom “call police”, she now advised people to accept their living standards as they are.

“Deal with your hunger. I export peoples’ children to Saudi Arabia and Export my own to Europe,” she concluded.

This comes shortly after Diana Chepkemoi safely returned home after being stranded in the Middle East.

Diana Chepkemoi, the Kenyan woman who is currently stuck in Saudi Arabia. PHOTOS | COURTESY
Before and after pictures of Diana Chepkemoi

Diana piqued Kenyans’ attention after photos of her appearing gaunt surfaced on the internet.

Her once-vibrant body and self-assurance had been replaced by an emaciated version with haggard eyes, hollow cheeks, disheveled hair, and visible shoulder blades, a monument to her plight.

As a result, the Kenyan government advised people not to travel to Saudi Arabia for work

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