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Ruto Speaks on Climate Change and Food Security at UNGA conference


President Ruto in his Inaugural speech at the UNGA conference held in Manhattan, New York City, talked about Climate Change as the cause of Food insecurity.


Ruto made a speech during the United Nation General assembly, conference which adjourned on 13th, September, 2022, at the UN headquarters Manhattan New York City.

In his Speech he talked about Climate Change as a grave threat, arguing that the well-being of the planet requires urgent attention following the enormous effects caused by global warming, as food crisis is experienced in most parts of the world.

president Ruto speech on Climate Change at the UNGA Conference in New York

“Excellencies, the well-being of human beings is under grave threat, as the health of the planet requires urgent attention. The immense pressure exerted by conventional threats such as climate change, the global food crisis, among other key issues”, Ruto stated.

While talking about tackling repression to repurpose strategies to prioritize drought and famine relief, the President mentions the extinction of natural resources such as Rivers and Springs as a result of the heat wave caused by Climate Change.

“Many countries now bear witness to the unsettling phenomena of rivers, canals, and water reservoirs that are drying up on account of droughts and heat waves occasioned by climate change. Kenya is no exception”.

“The northern, arid, and semi-arid rangelands of our country have been gravely impacted by drought, whose severity has not been experienced in 40 years. 3.1 million residents of these ASALs are now severely food insecure on account of scarce rainfall over three consecutive seasons, leading to poor crops and pastures.” The President added.” The President added.

The President talked about the problems facing Kenya in particular, mentioning the recurring patterns of intense adverse events that have intensified the scarcity of Water and food making Kenya’s plan to improve the living standards of its people complicated.

“This unprecedented confluence of intensely adverse events has exacerbated water scarcity and starvation, worsened by rising food prices, thus complicating Kenya’s roadmap towards delivering good quality of life to our citizens, and hindering the progress to achieving SDG 6 and SDG 2,” Ruto added.

The President called upon the Member States and all relevant stakeholders to demonstrate strong political will and showcase effective cooperation by supporting the most affected countries financially, as well as by sharing land restoration and climate adaptation technologies.

“It is through collaborations to expand inclusion that we can attain a new paradigm in multilateralism”.

Ruto went ahead to note that the agricultural sector is the core solution to severe climate change while proposing investing in modern Agriculture technology, to tackle the prevailing environmental problems.

“Investing in modern agricultural technology is one important avenue towards tackling prevailing environmental challenges.”

‘Kenya is responding through substantial investment in climate-resilient agriculture. At the core of our 10-year strategy for Agricultural Sector Growth and Transformation are nine flagships”. He added.

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Ruto also mentioned that the global fertilizer shortage will quickly morph into a global food shortage.


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