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Royal family Resumes their official duties as Mourning ends


The British Monarchy Members return to their regular Royal duties as the mourning period of Queen Elizabeth II comes to an end on Tuesday.


Following Elizabeth’s funeral last Monday, September 19, the Royal family has been observing a mourning period and were able to take part in official duties where appropriate as they groom in black attires for one week as a mark of respect for the Queen when in public.

Although flags on government buildings were already back to full mast as British public life resumed normalcy after the state funeral, the royal family remained in mourning for another week.

The Royal family to resume their duties officially as the mourning period lapse

Starting Tuesday however, the monarchs will be able to perform their official roles normally as the half-mast flags at royal residences will be back to full mast after 8 am.

Prince William and Kate are set to travel the length of Wales on Tuesday, where they will first visit Holyhead in Anglesey in the north, then travel to Swansea in the southwest.

The royal couple had promised to visit at the earliest opportunity following the death of the Queen to begin “deepening the trust and respect” they have for the people of Wales.

British media reported that King Charles III had carried out one official engagement during royal mourning, holding a telephone audience with Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng last week.

Meanwhile, plans for King Charles III Coronation are reportedly underway as a date has been set for the national event expected next year.

Queen Elizabeth II waited over a year for her coronation ceremony which was staged on June 2, 1953, after her father King George VI died on February 6, 1952.

Queen Elizabeth II, 96, died ‘peacefully’ on September 8 at Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, according to an official statement from Buckingham Palace.

She was Britain’s longest-serving monarch after succeeding her father.
Following Elizabeth’s passing, her eldest son Charles, 73, was officially proclaimed king.

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King Charles III is the oldest person to ascend to the throne in Britain’s history.


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