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Ringtone- Nimezuia Bahati kumeza sumu mara kama tatu


Kenyan musician Ringtone Apoko claims that singer Bahati is not doing well since he tried but failed to secure the Mathare North parliamentary seat.


The singer claims that Bahati’s current situation is so bad that he is depressed and suicidal, and that his wife Diana Marua has repeatedly pleaded with him to stop Bahati from harming himself.

Ringtone urges artists to vote

While speaking through Mungai Eve’s channel, Ringtone urged Kenyans to assist Bahati in prayers, so that he could accept his loss.

“Bahati anapitia depression. Bahati ako na problem ya kuweza kuaccept kwamba alipoteza kiti. Mara kama mbili tatu, nimepigiwa simu na bibi yake Diana, akiniambia Bahati anataka kunywa sumu, nimeenda nimemsaidia,

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“So nataka kuambia Wakenya waombee Bahati, aacept alipoteza kiti, na maisha haikuishia hapo, na Wakenya hawakua wanampenda kwasababu ya siasa, lakini kwasababu ya mziki,” narrated Ringtone.

He then begs the singer to return to music and continue to entertain his fans with his songs.

He went on to say that Bahati, who has currently ghosted social media and deleted all of his Instagram posts, should proceed with the release of his EP (Extended Play).

Before the polls, Bahati stated that he had spent Ksh33 million on his campaign and that he was willing to spend Ksh10 million more on Tuesday, August 9.

Speaking in an interview with Tanzanian blogger Millard Ayo, the “mama” hitmaker claimed that campaigning for a parliamentary seat goes up to about Ksh50 million.

When questioned if he used any money from his music during the campaign, Bahati stated that he donated Ksh10 million from his music to the campaign.

The father-to-be revealed that if he won the MP seat, his monthly salary would be Ksh1 million per month; nevertheless, he emphasized that this was not the reason he was running, as he was more inspired by what he would do for the people.

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