Moses Wetang’ula: A Political Strategist Or Luck?

Moses Wetang'ula Wins National Speaker Seat
Moses Wetang'ula won the National Assembly Speaker Position through the Kenya Kwanza Alliance ticket symbolically ascertaining his conviction

Moses Wetang’ula is proving to be a man of his means and a conviction in his strategies. He has left most people astonished after surpassing the hurdles on his way to the top of the National Assembly.

As a veteran Mulembe politician, Wetang’ula faced opposition in his bid from his fellow members like MP T.J Kajwang who denounced his eligibility for vying for the Speaker position alluding to his improper resignation.

An issue that had concerns raised by other members including John Mbadi of ODM who opined that the leader shouldn’t be allowed to run for the position.

He however got support from Kenya Kwanza MPs Aden Duale and Ichungwa who defended his run for the position saying he followed the due process and resigned his seat on time.

Left in a state of uncertainty the affirmation from the clerk Sarah Kioko assured him of a run to the seat as her statement supported his resignation to have been done in time despite attempts to bar him raised by Azimio’s counterparts.

This saw the Ford Kenya Party leader take a swift step toward the National Assembly Speaker seat when he resigned as the Bungoma Senator after his name was gazetted by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

“The documents I have presented to the Clerk include my resignation as a senator which I did a day after the gazettement of my election,” Wetang’ula disclosed on Wednesday.

After clearance, the voting was underway in the National House by the members of parliament on Thursday, September 8, when Wetangula won the first round of Voting with 215 votes defeating the former speaker Kenneth Marende who attained 130 votes.

Even though a rerun was called since based on the parliamentary standing orders, for one to be a speaker they need to secure 2/3 of the votes which are 233 votes in the House.

Hence having failed to get the required 2/3 support of the 349 members in the first round, the vote was headed for the second round.

Wetang’ula was declared the winner early after Kenneth Marende opted to withdraw his bid as the voting proceeded on to the second round.

“I promise to see to it that you are able to effectively discharge your Constitutional mandate and I will unequivocally submit myself to the collective will of this House and reiterate my singular desire to serve with impartiality, fidelity to the Constitution, and the laws of this land,” Wetangula stated in his maiden speech. 

Wiper deputy party leader Farah Maalim was also defeated in the National Assembly deputy speaker’s election to Uasin Gishu women representative Gladys Shollei. 

The election of Ford Kenya Leader Moses Wetang’ula as the new National Assembly Speaker and Gladys Shollei as his deputy has made a huge difference for the Kenya Kwanza Alliance as they have gained mileage in the decision-making processes of the Houses.

President-Elect William Ruto took to social media lauding the elected speakers and deputies and urging them to uphold the rule of law and execute their duties with due diligence.

Kenya Kwanza further showed a much brighter light on the aspect of Unity as they won the Deputy Speaker seat too through Uasin Gishu Woman Representative Gladys Shollei who is to be Deputy Speaker of the 13th Parliament.

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