Mimba Sijui ni ya nani- Says lady Dating Akorino twins

Akorino twins
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A pair of Akorino twins have created a stir on the internet after revealing they are married to the same woman and are expecting to welcome a child soon.

The woman identified as Emily, on the other hand, clarified that she is unsure to whom the pregnancy belongs.

Emily dressed visibly pregnant in a black dress, explained to content creator Nicholas Kioko that she shares a bed with the twins, making it difficult for her to determine who the father is.

“Mimba sijui ni ya nani. Tunashare the same bed, kila kitu ni kimoja sasa siwezi jua kama ni ya huyu ama huyu,” remarked Emily as she pointed at the twins.

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The fathers to be identified as Teddy and Peter claimed that they are not officially married to Emily, however, they referred to her as their wife.

Emily and Peter met for the first time at a church service.

Because Peter didn’t have a phone at the time, he gave Teddy’s number out, and conversations between Emily and Teddy began, as did feelings for both.

Emily asked to meet the twins who were working at the time when she found out she was pregnant.

Despite not knowing who the father was, Emily reports that her two lovers were overjoyed when they learned the news.

Similarly, a couple of months ago, identical triplet sisters, Eve, Mary, and Cate revealed they are dating the same man who had fallen in love with them on multiple occasions.

The triplets expressed satisfaction with dating the same man, claiming that he lavishes them with the same amount of love and attention.

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