Mike Sonko enraged after President Ruto travels on bus

Mike Sonko enraged after President Ruto travels on bus

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has joined the group of Kenyans outraged by a photograph of African leaders riding in a bus to Queen Elizabeth’s burial.

Sonko took to social media to protest the treatment of African leaders, including President William Ruto, who was on the bus.


“Hawa wazungu hawana adabu wanawekaje marais wa Africa ndani ya bus moja huko London. God forbid kitu mbaya ifanyike kwa hiyo bus itakuaje?” exclaimed Sonko.

Apart from Sonko, the KOT also launched a conversation into the matter as they air their opinions about the occasion and occurrence in line with the action partaken of whether its racism inclined or just fair for such treatment to be.

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The move by the UK government to issue travel guidelines to the heads of states attending the day’s event to commute via a bus neglecting their presidential escorts at parking in West London.

The guideline has been criticized on social media handles and by G7 countries like the US, Japan, Germany, Canada, France, and Italy who called for according of the leaders’ VIP reception through the use of their vehicles and protection.

The surfacing of images of African presidents in a bus as the American president Joe Biden entered the funeral in a presidential motorcade in his famous limousine renowned as ‘Beast’ elicited controversy among the world.

The leaders attending are and have been members of the Commonwealth that came about in the 20th century with the decolonization of the British Empire as the governments became sovereign in their homelands.

Some cite the presence of numerous African countries in the Commonwealth as reason enough for respect and consideration of the African leaders as equals to other world leaders as member states of the Commonwealth are 51 and 21 are African nations.

The racism topic is mostly abhorred in many places as some see it as an excuse while others certainly believe the black man needs to be treated equally as the colored men as it’s the 21st century.

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