MCAs Swearing-in at Kisumu Marred in Chaos

MCAs swearing-in at Kisumu County Assembly saw difficulties in termination as MCAs started shouting within the house deeming the situation uncontrollable
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The swearing-in of Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) of Kisumu County was marred in violence despite the beefed-up security that was to retain order.

Chaos erupted as the clerk of the assembly sought to convey a message to the MCAs who insisted on shouting at the clerk thereby disrupting the process for up to half an hour.

Clerk Owen Ojuok’s trial to calm the MCAs who had been engaging in shouting matches failed and his communication wasn’t possible to pass anymore.

The interruption was alleged to be MCAs emphasizing the need for the clerk to stick to the order paper to the latter which stated that the swearing-in process was ongoing despite the chaos.

“We will not allow you, people, to destroy ODM. You must respect the party, let the clerk read out the communication,” Market Milimani MCA Seth Kanga said.

Kano /Wawidhi MCA Moses Ochele told the clerk to stick to the order paper.

“You must continue with the order paper, we will not allow any communication,” he said.

The differences among the leaders of the county assembly led to a failure in the conduction of the speakers’ election.

The chaos erupted deeming the continuation of the whole session difficult for the clerk as mandated by the constitution of Kenya.

One of the leaders in the County assembly remarked refuting the claims by the Clerk of a need for silence among the members to conduct the mandate of getting the leaders sworn in.

After which the election of the speaker would have followed which was also deemed a failure after several MCAs opted to dodge the session thereby absconding their induction ahead of the speaker’s election as due.

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