KNH clarifies its notice toward the closure of health services

Kenyatta National Hospital
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The Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) has denied rumours that it may close its doors to the public before William Ruto, the president-elect’s inauguration day.

KNH informed Kenyans in a statement dated Tuesday, August 13, that it will carry on with business as usual and continue to provide both general and specialized medical services.

Kenyatta National Hospital
Kenyatta National Hospital. [File:PHOTO]

The management of the hospital has said that the general public and inhabitants of Nairobi will get its critical and emergency services.

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“Normal services for patients will continue. Those requiring medical attention or specialised clinics will be attended to in accident and Emergency, Pediatric Emergency Unit and Labor Ward.”

“We are committed to providing specialised care to all patients all the time,” the hospital reiterated.

KNH Chief Executive Officer Evanson Kamuri
KNH Chief Executive Officer Evanson Kamuri. [File: PHOTO]

Concerns were expressed by members of the public on what would happen to those who required emergency medical care.

Many Kenyans conjectured that the closure was brought on by the public holiday that had been declared so that the country could see the changing of guard.

A KNH post that went viral on twitter.

“Medical services are some of the few non-discretionary services that should not stop – holiday or no holiday,” a Kenyan tweep, Onyango Oliech opined.

“What does the inauguration have to do with healthcare? KNH is the biggest and most advanced referral hospital in the country and must operate 24/7!” Michael Mutinga added.

However, other people pointed out that clinics providing specialist treatments like ENT, Radiology, and Obstetrics have typically remained closed during public holidays.

“KNH clinics have never operated on holidays! For those who are familiar with ‘clinic’ meaning,” Elkie Night argued.

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