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Jose Camargo: What role did he play to be on IEBC Forms?

Jose Camargo exposed by Lawyer Julie Soweto

As the ongoing elections petitions keep unveiling the actions that ensued behind closed doors, it has dawned that there was interference by one Jose Camargo, whose names appear on the 34A forms of the tallying count.


According to Lawyer Julie Soweto, a representative of Azimio la Umoja, the Venezuelan national’s name appears in the form 34As as she showed in the Power presentation before the seven-judge bench.

Form 34As from Gacharagu Primary School polling station in Muguru ward in Meru County allegedly had a display of Jose Camargo’s name yet were in the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) portal. 

“At the top-hand left corner there, we have the name of one the Venezuelans Jose Camargo. This is the person who decided the President-elect of the country,” she said.

Hence her argument that it is evident enough that one Jose Camargo, had a hand in messing up with the forms by manipulating the votes that were uploaded on the portal.

Despite assurance from the IEBC that no one could interfere with the system leave alone infiltrate and manipulate data, she insists that concerns need to be addressed.

a form 34A displaying the name on the top left corner

“We didn’t make this up! We were told that we forged these forms, but this is how, My Lord, the staging was happening. This is on August 9 when we were told they (Venezuelans) did not have access to the system,” Soweto emphasized.

This stands out as grave allegations that have pushed for an awakening of the long-silenced three Venezuelans case as they were arrested at the airport with some of the IEBC materials.

Azimio’s lawyers insist that the Venezuelans must have infiltrated the system an allegation the IEBC still turns down however the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has revealed that the three; Salvador Javier Suarez, Jose Castellano, and Joel Garcia, accessed the IEBC systems.

“It was established that the confiscated exhibits had substantial information held in the IEBC systems are in full control of foreign employees of M/S Smartmatic International Holdings B.V. and Seamless Limited who have been contracted by IEBC,” the DCI stated in its report.

The allegations by the DCI report issued were however turned down by the IEBC lawyers led by former Attorney General Githu Muigai who refuted the access to the portal by the three.

In support of the highly contested idea was Lawyer Eric Gumbo who said that the three were contracted by IEBC as Smartmatic members for the supply of infrastructure and its maintenance for smoothening of the election process.


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