James Orengo Queries Chief Justice Martha Koome’s Ruling

James Orengo

The Siaya Governor James Orengo has questioned and lamented the verdict issued by the Supreme Court declaring it a shame for the judiciary.


According to the Senior counsel, the seven-judge bench made a political judgment at a time when the country needed an objective verdict. 

Pointing out the choice of words used in the final verdict as inclusive of remarks that weren’t necessary for dealing with such a ruling.

“The person who wrote that judgment has done a great injustice to the rule of law. I respect the court, and I have practiced law for a very long time. A lot of the judges in the Supreme Court are my juniors.”

“Judges speak in words that are measured so that even the loser in a court of law feels like justice has been done. Not even a baraza presided by a Chief would use the kind of language that was used at the Supreme Court. Shame to you judges!” he noted. 

 Questioning the independence of the apex court as it made the ruling as he cites a hidden vendetta in the ruling which unanimously disregarded all nine issues raised by the Azimio la Umoja’s legal team. 

“Chief Justice Koome you have brought shame to the Judiciary by rendering a judgment that in the eyes of the ordinary people who fought for you to make sure a Chief Justice can have independence. You have brought shame to the people of the Republic of Kenya!” he claimed. 

The senior counsel further emphasized that the battle would go on as he expressed his optimism that the fight shall eventually be won and justice served.

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“But what gives me peace is that we are going to fight and fight until justice is done… We are not afraid to continue fighting… This is a battle we must win,” he said.


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