DP Gachagua Cracks Up Kenyans as he Blunders while Taking Oath

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Rigathi Gachagua cracked up Kenyans and guests at the Kasarani stadium on Tuesday after blundering while he took the Deputy President oath.

Gachagua, while taking his oath, seemed to be anxious to speak the next words as he was reciting after Chief Registrar of Judiciary Anne Amadi.

At one point Gachagua lost track of Amadi’s words and went mum for a few seconds.

Uhuru hands over power to Ruto in Smiles and Ruto

“….I will truly and diligently serve the people and the republic of Kenya in the Office of the Deputy President…” paused Gachagua.

His recovery was however off balance as he recited dissimilar statements from what Amadi was reading.

Amadi: “…of the Republic of Kenya”
Gachagua: “That I will diligently…”

Amadi: “…serve the people”
Gachagua: …discharge my duties and perform my functions in the said office

In an attempt to rectify the disorientation, Registrar Amadi requested that the oaths be taken from the top for a seamless flow.

Her words unfortunately did not awaken Gachagua’s consciousness and he kept on with the wrong recital.

Rigathi: “To the best of my judgment…”
Amadi: “I’m sorry let’s take it again..”

The stadium burst out into laughter momentarily amidst cheers from the crowd.
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Kenyans immediately took to Twitter with hilarious reactions to the humorous incident.

The New President William Ruto and his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua then signed certificates, after with Ruto officially received the instruments of power from his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta.

President Ruto was officially accorded the Kenyan Constitution, as well as the Ceremonial Sword, which he made an oath to uphold in his five-year tenure.

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