Citizen TV presenter Karwirwa Laura quits, announces next move

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Citizen TV host Karwirwa Laura has announced her departure after three years at the media company. She thanked her friends and family for the support
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Citizen TV host Karwirwa Laura has announced her departure after three years at the media company.

Citizen Tv host Laura Karwirwa quits

The host of the Bambika show sent a thank-you note to her family and friends for their encouragement while she worked at the station and especially for planning a surprise farewell party for her.

During the party, Laura revealed she would be attending Oxford Brookes University in the UK to earn a master’s degree in public health.

The presenter’s family was asked to attend her final program on Bambika by the station’s management, and she struggled to hold back tears as she was visibly overcome with emotion.

Karwirwa could be seen smiling widely in a video clip as her parents and one brother lavished her with praise.

Laura revealed that her parents had lied to her about watching her final broadcast at home, only for them to actually show up at the Citizen TV studios as she was saying goodbye.

“Having my family, friends and colleagues in one place was all I needed to finally start letting go of the heaviness I feel, making this big move. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking but love….love is calming my heart every single day, that everything will be alright. Thank you for the lovely messages. Heart full!” she wrote in an emotional Instagram post.

Laura’s mother shared a heartwarming message with Laura;
“When she came here she didn’t know what she was going to do, we didn’t understand that she had that talent that you brought out. We knew she could sing but never knew she was a good host as well.”

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“Laura, as you go to London, represent as well we pray for you and we know you will do your best as you always do. The world is small, we can continue communicating and you can continue entertaining people and you have the channels to do so and we wish you all the best.”

The cake-cutting ceremony was presided over by Joyce Omondi Waihiga, host of the Rauka gospel show, who also bid Laura farewell with a heartfelt message.

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