Black Twitter and Irish Twitter Unites over a traumatic History


Black Twitter & Irish Twitter are united in refusing to ‘Mourn the Queen’ over the claimed atrocities inflicted on their ancestors by the British colonials.


Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a section of African and Irish people have refused to join the rest of the world in condoling her passing.

Irish Twitter Unites with Black twitter in History

Taking to Twitter with the titles Irish and Black Twitter, Africans and Irish people stood against honouring the Queen by mourning her demise, saying her death is a reminder of an awful history following the atrocities done to their ancestors by the British colonial regime.

The complicated legacy of the African continent about Queen Elizabeth II starts with a fairy tale stating that Elizabeth came to Kenya as a Princess and came left a Queen after her father’s death.

South African Opposition Party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), released a statement sharing the same sentiments, following the death of Queen Elizabeth.

“We do not mourn the death of Elizabeth because to us her death is a reminder of the most tragic time in this country and Africa’s history. During her 70-year reign as Queen, she never acknowledged the atrocities that her family inflicted on native people that Britain invaded across the world. If there is life and justice after death, may Elizabeth and her ancestors get what they deserve?” the statement read in part.

On the other hand, some of the Irish nationals expressed their disappointment during the reign of the Queen by mentioning some of the unfairness her majesty showed the Ireland people.

“I’m not emotional about the queen one way or the other. But I’m shocked by how many people think the Potato Famine was due to crop failure and don’t know the English EXPORTED food from Ireland to England during that time — enough food to feed all the Irish who died.”

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“Potatoes were diseased. But they were far from the only crop in Ireland. Multiple thriving crops grew as well. But potatoes were the only food that grew on the non-fertile lands the English allowed the Irish to inhabit. And the English took everything else back to England.” @Hannah Wanebo commented on Twitter

The British royal family and other European monarchs work to destroy the African royal family. So now Queen Elizabeth is dead, do not forget the great African queens that ruled African empires.#QueenElizabethII .#AfricaQueens .#Panafrican.#BlackTwitter.” @BlackDiasporaVoice claimed.

African Queens

On the other hand, the Twitter hashtags offered the Black community the unique opportunity to unite with the Irish community, resurfacing a deep historic past where both have suffered in the hands of the British colony.

“People being surprised about #Irishtwitter and #blacktwitter finding common ground over the Queen reminds me of what a member of the IRA said about being honoured by New York City. Can’t be any hope for the global fact of the earth without unwavering solidarity with black power.” Post Rimbaud claimed.

However, there are people on social media who have called out on these statements, saying this is not the right time for this, instead they should honour the dead, but the critics are asking when is the right time to confront the legacy of colonialism and the numerous after effects it caused the victims of British colony.

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Even so, there are still some African leaders who join the Royal family and the British in mourning the queen, like Presidents of Nigeria Buhari and Kenya’s president Elect William Ruto.

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