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Beware of Ebola Outbreak: One Dead in Uganda


Ebola is a renowned killer disease that’s severe killing its victims on numerous occasions than those who heal from the Ebola virus.


Research by the World Health Organization (WHO) on the possibility of there being a possible outbreak of Ebola in the DRC a month ago has been confirmed through the death of one in Uganda.

The declaration of a probable outbreak was approved after the death of a 24-year-old male, a resident of Ngabano village of Madudu Sub County in Mubende District in Uganda who had EVD symptoms.

The DRC case is said to have received care at a hospital initially for other ailments, but subsequently, exhibited symptoms consistent with Ebola virus disease. DRC declared the end of its Ebola outbreak in June this year.

The confirmation came through the Uganda government after the death of one male in Mubende district confirming the outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

The neighboring countries in the East African Community have been urged to stay alert, especially at border zones in assisting containing the situation of the spread.

This saw Kenya put health officials at the border on high alert after the WHO said it is investigating a suspected case of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kenya’s Ministry of Health since asked health surveillance officials at points of entry to be on alert.

As the WHO follows up through their staff and health authorities about the contamination and possible interactions the ailing guy had with people and those who came in contact with him, people are urged to stay keen and stay safe.

Through assessment of the previous outbreaks of Ebola, its shown that an early diagnosis and treatment with optimized supportive care —with fluid and electrolyte repletion and treatment of symptoms—significantly improve survival.

However, in attempts of controlling the outbreak situation, WHO has recommended the use of two monoclonal antibody treatments: mAb114 (Ansuvimab; Ebanga) and REGN-EB3 (Inmazeb).


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