Actor Baha and Girlfriend publicly reveal their child’s face for the first time

Actor Baha and Girlfriend
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After impeding for a few months, parents of one, Tyler Mbaya popular as Baha, and his girlfriend Georgina Njenga decided to finally reveal the face of their daughter Astra Nyambura.

The reveal was made on Instagram, where the youngster was participating in a photo shoot to commemorate her fourth month, which her mother also acknowledged in a caption.

Baha and Georgina's child
Baby Astra Nyambura during her four months shoot

Georgina shared a sneak peek of how Astra looks with an old photo of Tyler a few weeks before the reveal, implying that she resembles her father.

Baby Astra- Baha and Georgina's child
Baby Astra Nyambura

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The proud parents also took their fans on an emotional journey from Astra’s premature birth to behind-the-scenes clips from her 4-month shoot, which Georgina shared on her YouTube channel.

The couple became parents for the first time four months ago, noting that their daughter was born on the same day as her father.

The two have been sharing images of Astra, but have been careful not to reveal her face for reasons best known to them.

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